Frequently Asked Questions

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 What is the Tri-Service Ball?
   The Tri-Service Ball is an annual social event hosted by the Chiefs and Petty Officers’ Mess of 47 RCSCC CAPTAIN VANCOUVER. It is held exclusively for cadets and their guests. This event is the perfect opportunity for cadets to meet old friends and to make new ones as we celebrate an end to the cadet and school year.  This year we are excited to present BOULEVARD, the 72ND Tri-Service Ball at HMCS DISCOVERY in Vancouver, BC.

 Who can come?
   Any cadet who is currently participating in the cadet program regardless of element is eligible to come to this event. Cadets may bring guests who are not cadets as long as their guests are between the ages of 12 and 18. Guests who are over the age of 18 will be refused entry to the event.

  Why does this event require formal attire?
   The Tri-Service Ball is an annual event that has been hosted for 71 years that originally began as a resemblance of a traditional military-style ball. While the music has evolved over time, we’d like to keep an important traditional aspect of the event.

 What is the Dress Code?
   A formal dress code is in effect.
     [Ladies] Dress (of appropriate length, see below), ballgown, flats, high heels, etc.
     [Gentlemen] Dress pants, dress shirt, ties, blazers, etc.

 Can I wear black Khakis/cargo pants to the event?
   No, these are not considered formal attire.


 What is NOT formal footwear?
   Boots (including Uggs), sneakers, runners, sandals, and flipflops


 (Females) How long does my dress have to be?
   Make sure it is appropriate. We recommend mid-thigh as the highest you go.


Does my outfit have to match the theme?
   No, not at all. You may wear any colour(s) as long as it is formal attire.

Can I wear my cadet uniform?
   You may, but seek the permission of your Commanding Officer ahead of time.


Will tickets be sold at the door?
   No, all tickets must be purchased in advance.


Is parking available at the venue?
   We have plenty of parking! All that is required is for you to present a valid driver’s license, complete our liability waiver form at the entrance, and pay a $5.00 parking fee.


Will there be food and drinks at the event?
   Yes. However we will not be serving full meals, but there will be a concession available with a wide variety of refreshments.


• Is there a place for my belongings?
   Yes. We will have a coat check available for you to leave your coats and belongings with us for the duration of the event.  However, we will not be liable for any missing or stolen items.


 • I live outside the Vancouver area but I am a cadet or a guest of a cadet that is within the age limit. Can I still come to Tri-Service Ball?
   Of course!  However, you must provide your own transportation and accommodations for your stay in Vancouver.


 • I can’t go to the Tri-Service Ball but I’ve purchased a ticket! What should I do with it?
   You are more than welcome to re-sell the ticket to another guest who is either a cadet or guest of another cadet attending the event. Please inform us of the name of the new ticket holder prior to the date of the event. Tickets not matching the name on our guest list will be refused entry.


What is considered valid ID?
   A current year Go Card/School ID, BC ID, Driver’s License, or any government-issued photo ID will be acceptable. We DO NOT recommend you bring important documents (such as passports or birth certificates) as we are not liable if they are lost/stolen.

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